Individual compliance

For individuals of all walks of life

Every individual client is different and unique and cannot be forced into a structure or mould. Your ideas and aspirations are key, and we want to ensure that it is achieved in every conceivable way. The business, although a self-sustaining organism, is truly an outflow of the business owner or entrepreneur character and vision. We want to ensure that you receive your due rewards for taking the risk and hard work for stepping out into the business world. Your success reflects our ability to direct you in the right way and achieving your goals and we are passionate to give you a service and approach that are both unique, innovative, and rewarding. Our services include general services within our industry of expertise such as bookkeeping, drafting financial statements, payroll duties and a wide range of tax returns within various tax fields that must be submitted to SARS.

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has ever thought.” – Albert Einstein

Estate planning and registration

– Peace of mind

Dealing with SARS and High court

Estate late registrations and estate planning had become a cardinal part of our approach to sustainable and obtainable passive income growth. We have also partnered with attorneys within this unique field to afford the client the best possible service and outcome. Estate late registrations are both done at SARS (post-death taxes) and at High Court (estate duty). This process can only truly be performed by attorneys in conjunction with tax specialists, within this field of expertise. Many executors want to perform these duties on their own, without understanding the full extent of the registration and submission processes. We had drafted an approach through much research and deliberation with those in the industry, which is unique and will ease the process to register and windup an estate.

SARS debt compromise

– Clean slate

Holding hands through the process, guarantees results.

Taxpayers that want to apply for debt compromise or payment deferral must take note that SARS has recently changed the documentary process concerning the application process. The number of documents and financial information now required are cumbersome and substantial, but we will lead you through the entire process to achieve a favourable outcome.

The process will allow a taxpayer to “come clean” with SARS concerning their tax debt and ensure that the past tax debt is expunged, and you can move forward with a clean slate. The process can be daunting as SARS requires a full analysis of the taxpayers’ current financial position, but we have achieved a high percentage success rate as it is both in SARS’s and our interest for the taxpayer to achieve its future aspirations and continue operating.

Tax Ombud and Tax Court

– We fight for you

Prevention is better than cure.

To lodge a dispute due to unfair treatment, misadministration or challenging current tax laws had been set apart clearly within the TAA (Tax administration act). The Tax Ombud can be approached if a taxpayer believe that they are unfairly treated administratively by SARS and SARS has been given an opportunity to remedy the situation.

The tax court route can be followed if the taxpayer believes that SARS’s opinion concerning an assessment is unlawful and does not hold any ground legally and must be challenged. We will assist taxpayers with both processes and could represent the client legally at tax court, depending on the legal aspects concerning the case. In many instances’ prevention is better than cure and the case can be amicably resolved before the stage of referring a dispute to Tax Ombud or tax court.

Voluntary disclosure programme (VDP)

– An open door

Getting back into SARS’s good books.

The option for taxpayers to “come clean” and submit the correct amounts concerning taxes owing to SARS is still available and submission must be done directly to the VDP division. The turnaround for the VDP application is +120 business days from submission and interest on account is still payable as only penalties could be written off if valid reasons are provided to SARS concerning the matter.

Each case should be evaluated on its own merits as the VDP application is not the only avenue available to taxpayers to remedy their tax position with SARS.

Financial emigration

– Expats be ware

Apply now or be taxed in SA from 1 March’20.

This has become a buzz word in the tax industry as SARS will implement new legislation concerning expats that will be in affect from 1 March 2020 onwards. SARS will receive tax income from expats working abroad that especially earn income in tax haven regions of the world.

There are various tax laws and DTA’s (Double taxation agreements) still guiding this process, but SARS wants to tax expats on their overseas income of +R1mil at 45% tax rate.

Important questions to ask:

Do you receive a copy of your tax return, assessment, and statement of account on an annual basis?

Are you informed that SARS requested documentation to be uploaded for verification and submission had been made?

Are you confident that all your tax affairs at SARS are met, all tax returns are submitted up-to-date and no outstanding taxes are due?

Did you plan and ensure that your estate are tax savvy and your family would be provided for?

Do you intend to financially emigrate from SA when deciding to relocate abroad?

Is it more financial, economically, and individually beneficial to work abroad than in SA and what would be the tax consequences thereof?

Detailed services include

(but not limited to):

  • Income- and provisional tax compliance
  • Tax deduction directive application and approval
  • Tax clearance (tenders, good standing, foreign allowance)
  • Cloud financial solutions
  • Full bookkeeping function
  • Financial statements
  • Financial emigration
  • Estate planning, registration, and administration
  • SARS objection, appeal and/or tax court representation
  • SARS VDP application
  • SARS Debt compromise or deferral arrangement
  • Partnership agreements
  • Rental agreements